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What Started It All

My family moved from the United Kingdom to Southern California. My father had been stationed at Bentwaters Air Force base and was transferred to March Air force base.

As a family, we dove right in to the Southern California lifestyle and in 1966 moved to Huntington Beach. We did all the things that young family’s did at that time, Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, Universal Studios and Marine Land to camping in Joshua Tree National park and the gold rush country in the High Sierra Mountains.

We had late night bone fires at the beach with “newly descoved mexican food” and it seemed as if the music of the time was always on in the background as a sound track in our lives.

I started surfing at 7 and skateboarding the next year. The free range childhood, no holds bar open culture of Southern California was a dynamic colour filled dramatic change from the blue and grey scheduled life of being a military (air force brat) child.

A very early memory that sticks out is when my mother took me to the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. As we drove she told me the two of us were “going to see some very special things that she wanted to show me and meet some cool people.”

"We looked at works by Andy Warhol, Wallace Berman, Billy Al Bengston, Ed Moses, Robert Irwin, John Mason, Kenneth Price, Llyn Foulkes, Larry Bell, Ed Ruscha."

Later that day I found myself in a garage in the Hollywood hills watching Billy Al Bengston and Ed Ruscha painting surfboards while my mom sat with others from the gallery opening sipping wine, laughing and enjoying the sunset over the Los Angeles Basin. On the way home I asked if we could stop and buy some art supplies. The next day we did:

1 canvas
2 bushes
1 tube of Cobalt blue
1 tube of Prussian blue
1 tube of Mars black

I still own the painting and it hangs today in the Soho loft.

The result was “RED”


(New York, New York, October 4, 2022)—We are excited to share with you the release of "These Colors Taste Like Music" selected works from 2020~2022.

Released in hardcover and softcover editions by Monarch Fine Art Printing and printed in Vienna, Austria in collaboration with NYC Fine Art Editions. The books are printed on the finest Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Ultrawhite 160 gsm paper or 200 gsm glossy paper.

Over 300 full color pages providing an in-depth survey and behind the scenes of Mr Santoré's studio practice in Soho New York and Montgomery Texas.

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(New York, New York, July 29, 2022)—Work recently collected in Manhattan, New York & Buenos Aires, Argentina.

ABOUT ROBERT SANTORÉ Texas-born, Manhattan-based artist Robert Santoré continues his series of monumental works "These Color's Taste Like Music" highlighting six paintings and works on paper created by Santoré in 2021~2022. Santoré introduces to the fore his distinct visual vocabulary of high impact visual gestures, complex color systems, and allusions and brings into focus the incisive mind at the heart of Santoré's multifarious pursuits, through which he has mined a range of cultural, political, art historical, and fantastical subjects.

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Robert Santoré studio practice is thrilled to share the acquisition of the original work on paper PAN AM 69 Pacific Blue. Measuring 42 x 100in (106.68 x 254cm) is the 1st painting in the PAN AM series. Silkscreen, oil and military enamel on 100% archival cotton rag paper specifically manufactured for Santoré by Arches in the Vosges, France. Arches has produced the finest papers since 1492. Arches paper is renowned for producing air-dried paper that is used by printers and watercolorists. It has a warm white colour and is produced in hot-pressed, cold-pressed, and rough varieties.

The PAN AM series reflects Robert's early transatlantic air travel as a child and the bright optimistic midcentury color palettes of the time which impacted architecture, interior design, furniture to fashion and advertising.

Mr Santoré has completed a series of paintings in this suite in; Bazooka Bubblegum Pink, Tiffany Blue. Gucci Emerald, Hermès Orange, Fendi Gold, Louis Vuitton Snow and others colors.

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FADDY MAGAZINE USA is a global fashion & internationally reconized premeire photography publication headquartered in New York City.

THE WONDERLAND ISSUE FADDY USA: WINTER 2021 Featuring the iconic Naeem Khan with cover girl Parker Winston. Also in this issue an in-depth interview and behind the scenes feature "All Things Patricia: Patricia Field That Is!"

Inside cover featuring Greg Kadel, special features by Stefanie Renoma, Christoph Michaelis, Ruben Campos & Freddy Koh with "EXSEXXX."

Rounding out the Winter Wonderland Issue Faddy Artist Spotlight New York Artist ROBERT SANTORÉ.

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Details to be released "soon"; solo show's in Stockholm Sweden, Houston, Texas and Manhattan & more.

In addition, (fingers crossed, the work has been selected and is under consideration with a very small group) for participation and selection in a major museum group exhibition in New York City in the spring/summer of 2022.

"At the Base Of The Madonna" Pictured above and below is the latest painting from the Opera Series titled "At the Base Of The Madonna." Oil on linen and measuring in at 100" x 176" (254cm x 447cm") I the 7th painting in the series. All of which capture the emotions and drama of the opera I so love.

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Article by Nicole Vickers Originally published in River Oaks Lifestyle

IF YOU DON’T KNOW THE NAME ROBERT SANTORE YET, YOU’RE MISSING SOMETHING BIG. When you are next to Robert Santore, it is obvious that you’re in the presence of an artist. Although Robert is a fifth-generation Texan, he was born in California and spent his impressionable years hopping from the U.K. back to California with his family. While drastic moves like that are bound to have an impact on any young child, Robert processed it all in an unusual way for someone his age: through art.

His first piece was created when he was just 6 years old, and it was something so simple and brilliant that I would have believed him if he had told me it was painted yesterday.

Much like the prodigal son, Robert has recently returned to Texas with the intent to rediscover his roots, revamp his art, and hone his focus. Setting himself aside from other modern artists, Robert shows his artistry and creativity through multiple different mediums- sculpture, portraiture, landscape, and mixed media. Believe it or not, even greater subgroups can be found inside those varieties, such as watercolor, gauche, and egg tempera (which is a permanent, fast-drying painting medium consisting of colored pigments mixed with a water-soluble binder medium, usually of glutinous material such as egg yolk). When talking to Robert about his different outlets, he explains his work as if the idea of a piece takes on a mind of its own- ultimately choosing the medium it wants to be made into- the sign and measure of a true creative.

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