2020 Monumental Word Paintings


60in″ x 306in″ (152.4cm" x 777.24cm) | Oil, oil stick, military & industrial enamels on birch panel with micro-layer clay ground.
SINCE 1818



Robert Santore, the American contemporary artist known for his abstract expressionist paintings, also has an art ranch in Montgomery, Texas which has been in his family since 1818. The ranch is a sprawling property that serves as both a studio and a residence for Santore.

The Texas art ranch is a unique space that allows Santore to fully immerse himself in his creative process. The studio is spacious and filled with natural light, providing an ideal environment for painting and other creative pursuits. The property is also home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, foxes, and other animals, which provide Santore with a source of inspiration for his work.

In addition to serving as a creative space, the Texas art ranch is also a venue for art exhibitions and other cultural events. Santore has hosted a number of shows and events at the ranch, bringing together artists, collectors, and other members of the arts community for lively and engaging gatherings.

Santore's Texas art ranch is a testament to his deep connection to nature and his commitment to creativity. It is a place where he can fully express his artistic vision and connect with other artists and art enthusiasts. Through the ranch, Santore has established himself as a prominent figure in the Texas arts community, and his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

IMAGES: 1)Texas Studio 2021 2)Texas Studio 2021 "FAST FOOD" 3)Texas Studio 2021 "STRIKE A DEAL" 4)Texas Studio 2021 5)Texas Studio 2019 6)Texas Studio Cattle 7)Texas Studio 2019 8)Robert Santoré working on "STRIKE A DEAL" 9)"STRIKE A DEAL" details 10)Detail "CLOUDBREAK" 11)Texas Studio 2019 12)Texas Studio 2019 13)Texas Studio 2019 14)Texas Studio 2019 Mushrooms 15)"FITS AND STARTS" in wood 16)Editions on paper 17)Galveston Texas, 2018 18)"HIGH YEILD" 1987 19)Paint 20)Texas Studio 2020 21)Texas Studio 2019 22)Texas Studio 2021 23)"Nude on Plywood" 24)"JUNKBOND" 1989 25)Works on paper 26)"FITS AND STARTS" 27)Hawaii 2019 28)"HOMEWORK" 29)South Street Seaport Studio 30)Robert Santoré surfing, Tavarua, Fiji 31)Works on paper 32)Robert Santoré Montanna 33)Robert Santoré working on "STRIKE A DEAL"